5 reasons why you should have a regular checkup

5 reasons why you should have a regular checkup

While exercise, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important to keep yourself healthy, it is also very important to go for health checks at periodic intervals.

Why do I need to go for a regular medical check-up?
Going regularly for a medical check-up helps you avoid a large number of illnesses and catch other illnesses early. It also serves to keep you better advised about your health, to keep your doctor or other physicians informed about your health, and to essentially result in a healthier life.

1. Going to a medical check-up regularly can reduce your risk of getting sick
Regular medical check-ups include a number of physical and mental check-ups, making sure your body and mind are in shape and well. These checks are known as full body checks for this reason – because they examine you from head to toe, almost literally.

The reason for doing this is to catch any disease early, and in order to prescribe the right treatment for it.

2. Regular checkups can help identify stress-related illnesses
These days with factors such as heavy traffic, constant pressure at work (or school, college), unpredictable weather, it is no wonder most people suffer from stress.

This is causing higher stress levels in everyone and can even result in stress related illnesses and disorders which can manifest physically or even psychologically.

A regular full body check-up will help your doctor diagnose such issues and also give you the opportunity to discuss stress to get the treatment you need.

3. Annual checkups can help identify blood test results
Most people recognize the symptoms of common illnesses like cold or fever as these usually have physical symptoms. While this may suffice for minor illnesses, you may be suffering from something worse which may get worse without going for control.

It is for this reason that doctors usually require a blood test, which is also an essential part of any annual health check-up package (although accurate tests may vary depending on age and lifestyle).

These blood tests further help to identify various possible diseases.

4. Periodic health checks will make you more aware of your health
Many people take their health for granted and most of us rarely visit a hospital or a doctor until we get sick and need treatment. It also makes us more inclined to make weaker decisions about our health, especially when it comes to exercise and the food we eat.

Going automatically for a periodic health check will make you more aware of your health and what you can do to lead a healthier lifestyle. This is partly due to just the act of visiting the hospital and talking to your doctor, as well as seeing other patients and hospital visitors.

5. Full body annual checkups can lower health care costs over time
As mentioned earlier, performing regular full body examinations and other types of preventive examinations helps to prevent and avoid diseases as well as treat other diseases at an early stage. This in turn reduces the chance of you getting sick (or more), which further reduces your medical costs.

Let’s not forget the time factor as well – getting sick can result in the need to take time off work or school and can ruin an entire lifestyle.

An occasional medical check-up ensures that you are healthy and reduces the chances of spending a day sick, or even hospitalized.

What kind of health check package should I choose?
Most hospitals and clinics will have a number of Preventive Health Check Packages available. These vary from the tests included based on age and lifestyle.

For example, young people may need fewer examinations as they are relatively healthier. Older people will probably need a health package that includes heart screening tests, as they are more at risk. Similarly, women also need some additional tests from men, such as breast cancer screening.

The best idea is to visit your doctor and ask him which option is most convenient and necessary for you.

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